Steel Faller

High quality steel fallers for NSC Schlumberger chain gill boxes

Steel faller bars for NSC Schlumberger GC and Sant Andrea CSN chain gill boxes

We manufacture our high quality unpinned steel fallers bars in our factory in Bradford.The manufacturing process and quality checks include:
CNC machining of special profile Cold Drawn Profiled carbon steel.
Precision tool bending
Heat treatment
Straightening and final quality control
Plastic end roller and circlip fitted
All fallers are inspected for quality control.

The fallers are manufactured in six options:
Left Hand (LH) or Right Hand (RH)
220mm or 270mm working pinned field
High Back (HB) or Low Back (LB)

The fallers are suitable for Press Fit Inserts ( which we also manufacture)

Steel Fallers for NSC GN Screw Gills and Cognetex system gills also available