Disposable Fallers

Disposable faller bars for NSC Schlumberger GC and Sant Andrea CSN chain gill boxes

We manufacture our disposable faller here in Bradford on our modern injection moulding machines.

The large diameter steel core is machined on CNC lathes and precision bending tools. The steel core is presented to the injection moulding machine and the coloured plastic is moulded to the steel core and the keyed pins in one operation. The plastic is colour coded for pins per cm. Colour coded end rollers are fitted as standard.
All fallers are inspected for quality control.

Fallers are manufactured in eight options:
Left Hand (LH) or Right Hand (RH)
220mm or 270mm working pinned field
High Back (HB) or Low Back (LB)
Round or Flat polished steel keyed pins for HB or LB fallers