Faller Bars, Pinned Strips and Pinning Tools

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For secondhand textile machinery please contact our partner companies:
Macart Textiles (Machinery) Ltd buys and sell a wide range of secondhand textile machinery and we manufacture the eco-SpinTwist self- twist spinning machine for HB acrylic yarn knitting yarn. The Macart website will also provide links to our other textile interests. - www.macart.com
Petros Textiles was established in 1969, based in Bradford, one of the original centres of the British textile industry. Petros Textiles is a worldwide exporter of machinery, specialising in the supply of modern used textile machinery for the worsted, semi-worsted and woolen systems and in particular for the carding, combing, gilling, roving, spinning, twisting and winding processes. Machinery can be supplied second hand or reconditioned, as required, often from stock for prompt deliver - www.petrostextiles.com