Inserts We manufacture here in Bradford the Insert Strips suitable for the following machine applications:
NSC Schlumberger GC Chain Gills
NSC Schlumberger GV Vertical Gills
NSC Schlumberger GN Screw Gills
Sant Andrea CSN Chain Gills
Sant Andrea VSN Screw Gills
Mackie Screw and Chain Gills
HMG Chain Gills
Cognetex Chain Gills

We manufacture on our modern injection moulding machines with keyed polished steel pins
For NSC GC Chain gills we manufacture in several options:
Press Fit Insert
220mm or 270mm working pinned field
High Back (HB) or Low Back (LB)
Round or Flat polished steel keyed pins for HB or LB fallers
The plastic is colour coded for pins per cm.
For the NSC GN screw gills , Sant Andrea,Mackie, Cognetex the options can be found on the website.